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PR - short version

Meaning 1:


Meaning 2:

Performance Review. To mark that point in time at which there is a regular meeting of the Regional Strategy Board (NASB, ESB, LASB, etc.) where the actual program and field market performance of the program product is presented. This meeting is held after the product has been in the customer's hands for about 12 months. This will document the actual performance of the product against the Program Contract commitments.

Meaning 3:

Physical Reuse

Meaning 4:

Ply Rating (tires)

Meaning 5:

Product Reuse

Meaning 6:

Production Release.

Meaning 7:

Production Review (4 phase gate review)

Meaning 8:

Public Relations.

Meaning 9:

Purchase Request.

Meaning 10:

Purchase Requisition. A document used to request the purchase of materials and/or services. When signed and approved, it authorizes Purchasing to issue a Purchase Order.

Meaning 10:

A capability ratio similar to Cr in that it compares the variation in a process with the width of a two-sided specification. However, Pr uses standard deviation to calculate the process variation, whereas Cr uses an estimated standard deviation. It is the inverse of Pp.




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