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PDT - short version

Meaning 1:

Product Delivery Team (as defined by ATV). The team role is to deliver a product and production system with high quality, within budget and on time. Responsibilities of the PDT are to have a clear understanding and agreement on functional requirements from SSTS, MTS & MMTS. Assure requirements of SSTS, MTS & MMTS are covered in a CTS. Manage initial release of and subsequent changes to all components. Manage financial analysis (piece price & investment) and changes to meet or exceed business case commitments. Source all components with qualified suppliers. Meet program timing milestones. Ensure validation of components to CTS. Understand and implement Total Quality Plan. Execute detailed manufacturing process. Respond to needs of build teams to support concept, prototype, pilot and production builds. Benchmark competitors. Documentation and change control of CTS's.

Meaning 2:

Product Design Team

Meaning 3:

Product Development Team. Function: generate designs which achieve targets. Responsibilities: Achieve targets allocated from PMT, negotiate proposed target changes/requirements with PMT, report status of targets to PMT on a regular basis, develop an activity schedule by SIM Council and report issues, provide cross-functional evaluation of alternatives to meet requirements and imperatives, assist in early source definition and provide required sourcing packages, track the status of imperatives and performance objectives, track and control design changes, promote use of common systems/processes, assure Quality/Cost/Warranty/HPV goals for Non-GMT and GMX programs are achieved, Assure plant build concerns are resolved, assure KCD's/KPC's DFM/DFA are executed appropriately, assure generation of Subsystem and Component Technical Specs, assure functional representation at meetings as appropriate, publish meeting minutes and maintain PDT closed-loop action item/concerns log.

Meaning 4:

Program Development Team.




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