Key Product Characteristics (KPC)

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Key Product Characteristics (KPC) - short version

(1) A product characteristic that can affect safety or compliance with regulations, fit, function, performance or subsequent processing of product.

(2) Are those product features that affect subsequent operations, product function, or customer satisfaction. KPCs are established by the customer engineer quality representative, and supplier personnel from a review of the Design and Process FMEA's and must be included by the supplier in the Control Plan. Any KPCs included in customer-related engineering requirements are provided as a starting point and do not affect the supplier's responsibility to review all aspects of the design, manufacturing process, and customer application and to determine additional KPCs.

Key Product Characteristics (KPC) - long version

A product characteristic for which reasonably anticipated variation could significantly affect the product's safety or compliance with government standards or regulations, or is likely to significantly affect customer satisfaction with a product.



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