Group Technology (GT) (A.k.a. Part Families)

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Group Technology (GT) (A.k.a. Part Families) - short version

(1) Group Technology separates parts into "Families" or groups that have similar needs with respect to manufacturing processes. Parts may be "grouped" by size weight, color, flavor, chemistry, treatments/special processing needed, etc. Creating "Part Families" or "Groups" can result in lower inventories, reduced consumption of process resources, and many other benefits.

(2) A component of CAD that allows for the cataloging and standardization of parts and components for complex products.

Group Technology (GT) (A.k.a. Part Families) - long version

Group Technology or GT is a manufacturing philosophy in which the parts having similarities (Geometry, manufacturing process and/or function) are grouped together to achieve higher level of integration between the design and manufacturing functions of a firm. The aim is to reduce work-in-progress and improve delivery performance by reducing lead times.

GT is based on a general principle that many problems are similar and by grouping similar problems, a single solution can be found to a set of problems, thus saving time and effort. The group of similar parts is known as part family and the group of machineries used to process an individual part family is known as machine cell. It is not necessary for each part of a part family to be processed by every machine of corresponding machine cell. This type of manufacturing in which a part family is produced by a machine cell is known as cellular manufacturing.

The manufacturing efficiencies are generally increased by employing GT because the required operations may be confined to only a small cell and thus avoiding the need for transportation of in-process parts.



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